Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Seems like plenty of people are in the same boat as me after last weekends race. Recoverying from the onslaught that was RIM. Guess I can be fortunate that I came out on pretty unscathed, unlike my buddy Stevey. Apparently he came out with a broken ankle. Oouch...

Trav put me on a pretty cool little product that I was for some reason unware of last week. After having some tight back issues, he mentioned that I should try some Tiger Balm patches. Or something along those lines. These little gems are great. Put one on before bed and wake up feeling much better. I've been patching the ass since it's fall on Sunday, and it's doing much better. The patch seems to loosen it up and allow it to heal faster than without. I've used these and similar ones on anything from my glutes to my back, and I always seem to feel better after using them.

Monday morning I was in the middle of some core workouts before work when I heard a very loud POP! Immediately I was forced into the fetal postition with what felt like a knife in my side. After my wreck at Bump and Grind, I figured I had bruised a rib, or had what's called a rib out. I'm pretty sure it was the rib out, and how it stayed out that long I'm not sure, but that loud pop was surely the rib repositioning itself, and it hurt like hell. Luckily a Tiger patch and a day later, and I was feeling much better.

I want to give a shout out to my latest and greatest sponsor also, Complete Chiropractic in Knob Noster. Doc Yates has been working on me for years, but I took the plunge in asking him for a little more help in the way of a sponsorship. He kindly agreed, and I'm sure this is the beginning of a very good thing. I've noticed my back getting tight during the last few races, which I was sure came from a direct result of not going to the chiro in over a month. He really does do wonders.

Good intervals last night, a nice rest night with some fishing tonight, and then two back to back hard days leading up to the weekend and hopefully some Lost Lua racing action.

Here's to some dry weather...


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