Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Ramblings

I've had a little bit of the dead legs going on lately. Something to do with too much training I guess. It's not a big deal in my book, just dial it back a little and let the life rebuild inside them until they're ready to explode into a fury of pedal mashing. It's not that I'm not riding strong, it that I'm not feeling as fresh as normal. Alot of it has to do with some recent added stress, and along with that a stray from my normal diet.

Food is important. I feel great when I eat great, and I feel like shit when I eat like shit. It's very easy to eat like shit in todays time. What's that? Arby's brought back the ARBYQ? Ya, just like that. Luckily I can witness my undoing and bring it back fairly quickly unlike years past. Sometimes I would drop off and go a month or more eating off the good for you grid.

My ass still hurts some from the fall at State. I figured it would take awhile, and it has. It was a pretty blunt impact.

I woke up today feeling very refreshed though. Something about being tired and run down for a given amount of time will almost make you forget what feeling good feels like. Maybe I've had an internal virus running rampant. I get those sometimes.

A breakup... That will run you down. Especially one following a span of two and a half years together. Oh well, life moves on, and sometimes it seems to pull two people apart eventually driving a wedge so deep that it cannot be ignored. It was time for me to let go and let us both go our seperate and I'm sure much better ways. But damn, it's never easy doing so. It's getting better though, and the thoughts are starting to space themselves out making it easier to forget.

Enough of the sappy shit, this week is HUGE!!! Big time racing going down. After having the Lost Luau cancelled, I'm even more raging for some racing. This weekend we'll be traveling up north for the Subaru Cup. I'm ready for some fun, and that's what I'm going up for. At this point, I'm not worried about my result, just ready to jump into a fast field and mix it up a bit. I take shit to seriously sometimes.

Locally we have some fun going down on both ends of the spectrum this weekend. Over in Kansas, Crocodile Rock is going down up at Perry Lake. Lyle puts on one hellavu good race, so I doubt this one will disappoint. Not to mention it's the Kansas State Championship, so if your a Kansan, then go get your race on! Over across the pond in the Lou, the Broemmelsiek Challenge will be gettting underway. Either way, there's some good racing action to be had this weekend.

I'm going to bust the cobwebs off the Epic tonight at Knob. Just a couple of easy laps to shake the legs up a bit.

Anybody catch the announcement of the new E-Ultregra? Pretty excited about this one. I've tested the electronic Dura-Ace, and it's pretty amazing, but now they've trickled the technology down to the Ultegra level, giving us more mortal roadies a chance at some electronic goodies. What a minute, did I just classifly myself as a roadie? Na, not me...

But a new Tarmac laced with the E-Ultregra next year sounds tempting....

Again, there's never an end to new shit to buy.



  1. Have fun and good luck this weekend! The travel ended up being a bit too much for the balancing act for me...

  2. hey baby cakes, try getting more sleep.

    and if you wanna come rip berryman or any of the OT come on down sometime, I think I'll be here all summer...and this is a damn good place to train!

  3. I'm a little bummed you wont be at Perry, but good luck up North. I'm gonna go throw down all the chips at Perry for the old man title.