Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Best Beginner Bikes and the New Jet 9 had a pretty decent article on the best mountain bikes for under a $1000 bucks. You can find it here...

I remember my first real mountain bike. The GT Outpost. Ahh, the good ol' days. Before that I had Wal-Mart Mongoose that I would destroy in what seemed like just a handful of real mountain bike rides out at Binder in Jeff City. The Outpost was legit though, the only problem looking back was that it was way to small for me. It was an 18 inch frame trying to accomodate my 6'2 body. But the shop I bought it from back then wasn't a real high end place. J&D Bikes just south of Downtown. I forgot the old mans name, but I always enjoyed stopping in. It's funny, because I was home the other day for my lil sisses bday party and I happened to notice an article in the paper on J&D. There he was, the old man, still at it. What I truely found amusing was he's comments on how the bike industry has changed over the years and back then there where no specific types of bikes with different sizes and such. Now mind you I bought this GT in the early 2000's, and I'm pretty sure they had sizes then. I'm sure my GT was on sale and he probably said the 18 would be fine. I didn't know what I didn't know.

Bikes have got expensive nowdays. But then again so has everything else. For anyone wanting to really get into this sport, a $1000 bike may seem outragous. Until they go buy the Wal-Mart cheapo and soon realize how inadaquate it is. Of course Wal-Mart has stepped up their game a bit, and even sell a 29er, but in the grand scheme, they're still junk. This is a rough sport on equipment, and having the right equipment can be all the difference in having an enjoyable ride, or a ride riddled with foul shifting, broken bits, and long walks out.

Trust me, I've been there...

I for one have no problem dropping large wads of money on a bicycle. In fact, my tastes are usually so high, that it takes me months and months to pay off a new bike. I have no problem with credit. Give me 0% and I'll stretch paying that bad boy out for as long as possible. That way I can afford other bike crap along the way!

This bike is truely sexy in my eyes. It seems that people are either highly for, or strongly against the new style of the carbon Jet 9. While I couldn't imagine giving up the Epic for one, it still looks mighty sweet. Looks like the frame only will set you back about $2700. You can buy a Epic 29 Comp for that price complete.

This is one of Niner's employees, and I must say, black is almost a pretty as floyellow!

Legs are coming around this week. Weird feeling, but after 15 minutes or so warming up, they open up nicely. Trails are drying up nicely and it sounds like a trip south might be in the plans soon to hit up some of that trail Shoff has been working on. Might even try to make it to the Courtois Challenge.

One last notable today, and that's the new announcement of the COCONUT CHOCOLATE CHIP CLIFF BAR! Oh boy, oh boy... I love coconut, and I really love chocolate chips. This is going to be so sweet! They also have a Blueberry Crisp flavor coming to their Crunch line, which is the equivalent of the Nature Valley bars only much much better in my opionion. Seems Cliff Bar is dabeling in wine now too... Do what you do.

Enjoy the reprive from the heat, it sure is nice out there.



  1. for $2700 you can get an epic 29 complete.....or shell out another 2 grand on top of the 2700 for an sworks frameset...hmmm...

  2. Ha ha... Touché. Compared to the Sworks frame, the Niner is cheap. But the true test is how they ride comparingly.

    Anyone wanna buy a XL and do some testing? I've got the Epic!