Friday, June 17, 2011

The Year of the Carbon

So with all the rumors, talks, and press releases as of late, it seems everyone is touting 2012 to be the year of the carbon.

Take these two for example...

A new carbon Niner Jet9.

Or the newly announced Scott Spark 29er.

Theres also talk of the Tomac Carbide SL 29er carbon coming out. Then you have the Cannondale Scapel 29er.

Yes, all this carbony goodness is bound to get your panties wet, but dont forget the master of them all, THE EPIC!

I need to put a write up together on this bad boy, but it's pretty easy to describe it as the most amazing bike I've ever ridden. Surely these newly introduced bikes above will be nice, but the Epic is so smooth, and so stiff. No one has had anything but great things to say about it.

I do have one gripe though, and that's that I was a year late on getting this bad boy.

The new Sid 29er that will come stock on the 2012 Epic S-works. Ya, might just have to see about working out a deal to get one of those race machines.

The scope of the mountain bike universe is getting quite vast now days, and I only wonder where it will go in the future. What's next past carbon? Or will it rule the roost for the unforeseable future?

I do know that with the every changing landscape of bikes and parts, one thing is for sure, you never have a lack of new shit to buy.

Here's to that...


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  1. Hey, congratulations on your new jersey! Even tho you were a winey beeoch about it! Waaah, I did not get 1st overall..... kidding, I'm the same way, I get so pissed when I'm not top 10 out of 12.....