Friday, July 22, 2011

Cool Friday

Man it's nice outside. Like as in perfect riding weather. You really can't ask for any better than the stretch we've had. 100+ degrees and heat indexes far above that. This is the weather that'll make a real man, or woman, out of you. If you can ride well in this stuff, you can ride well in any weather. I did notice the humidity hasn't been as horrible, but make no mistake, 40% and above humidity in this weather is still stuffy.

So bake my friends, like little potatoes in an oven. Embrace the heat, take it for what it is, an excellent training device. Drink lots, both water and beer, and make sure to get yourself a good nights sleep. Wouldn't want to be flat for the racing this weekend!

The Sunflower Games MTB race is Sunday. And it's at 9am, which means it'll only be 90 instead of 100. That's a big difference yo! The course, (Governors Mansion)is a good one. From what I remember it was very fast and flowy, with a long section of flat peagravel. Man I hope they have that there this year. I'd love to hit it with gears.

Did you all see the vid of the "A" line at the Missoula Montana ProXtc race? Aaron posted it, and it's no doubt the most insane A line I've ever seen. Maybe because I haven't raced but a handful of national events, but it's a straight up 4 foot drop off. Looks smooth, but damn, I can only imagine the carnage when a group of 50+ racers come up on it. If you're not sure of what an A line is, it's basically the fastest choice of two routes at a particular part of a given race course. The B line is easier but slower. At Nationals, the difference between hitting the rock waterfall, (A line), and the B line was like 30 seconds. Pretty big difference, but you run the risk of killing yourself. Or at least flatting out.

The Tour is hot right now. I'm pretty excited to get home and see what happens today. Yesterday was a great race, until my DVR decided to stop recording with a mile to go. Oh well, I figure I didn't miss much. I don't read about what happens, I wait to watch it when I get home. I can usually skip over the slow stuff, and get right to the goods. It's almost like Nascar racing, only much much more cool.

I'm going to go ride in the heat today. And I'm going to enjoy it. At least I can tell myself that.

Have fun this weekend, and remember, don't let the heat get ya down.


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