Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kill the Hardtail?

It seems everytime I ride this bike, that thought comes to mind. Is it even worth having a seperate hardtail mountain bike? I mean coming off the Epic to this bike is like going from floating on a cloud being tossed out of a flying car. Even on a smooth trail this thing likes to deliver the pain stick to the body.

I think a suspension fork would really change this bike. The still standing, fairly legit, reason for riding a hardtail over a dually is that its more effecient. You stand, deliver the wood, and they propel with percise precision. While going rigid allows you even less energy loss, the pounding that comes with it often overrides that energy savings. I find I actually tire sooner than I do with the slightly less effecient dually.

So I guess my plan will include buying a new Sid 29er fork, putting it on the Epic, and then put the Reba on the Stumpy. I think its going to turn out to be a great move for both bikes.

But for now, I'll be rocking my squish. The hardtail will do nicely this winter.

Let the war of opinions start, because I know there's still plenty of hardtail die hards out there.

Race in Topeka this weekend!

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  1. Funny you posted this, I am seriously debating going with the double next season....