Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Lead In

Well it's half way through Friday, and I'm thinking I'm ready for it to end. Some days I tell ya...

Wanna race this weekend? You have a couple of choices.

First is Castlewood, part of the UFD East Series. We raced State there last year, and it's a pretty cool course. Bring your climbing legs, cause you'll need them. The East series has had even worse luck than us westeners with rain, but it looks like it's for sure going down this weekend.

Up north there's a full weekend of offroad TT, Short Track, and XC racing going down around Omaha, NB. You can find all the dirt for that here.

There's also a race down at SAC River in Springfield, part of the MWFTS. It's been all to long since I've raced down there. My last go at it was a very poor Expert performance that had me DNF'ing. Hopefully I can get down there for teh 6/12 hour race in September.

Me, well I'll be taking a long trek down to Huntsville, AL to race a SERC race, and I'm ready to get to it. Legs are feeling good, and minus some much un-needed stress from work, I'm feeling great. I'm off to Columbia tonight to have dinner and hang with the Mum and Sis, and I'm staying with a friend to make tommorows drive just a bit shorter. Drive all day, pick up my packet, pre-ride the course, pitch a tent, and pass out. Wake up Sunday for some dirt church racing fun.

I saw the bibs earlier this week. They made me think of CChambers. I bet he would rock the shit out of these.

So on to cross since I know so many of you are already quitting racing road or mountain to "train" for cross. Maybe one of these years they won't start cross so damn early... Anyways, here's a link to a sweet set up to run hydro disc brakes on your cross bike. Unfortunetly the Crux I plan on getting isn't disc brake capable, but I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of disc's on cross bike this season.

Specialized has finally rolled out some of their 2012 lineup on their website. Nothing to special, other than that pretty Venge. I'd take one if they wanted to give me one...

Hmmm... how else can I waste time today. Oh, how about Kona again. I don't know why but I've always like Kona for some reason. I've never even have had a chance to ride their rides, but they've always interested me.
Like this, the new Kahuna 29er carbon. This on top of their new 29er All Mountain dually, and the 29er AM hardtail. Bikerumor was on top of it as always.

Alright, enough rambling. I'm going to try to finish up, head out somewhat early and ride trails to relieve the mind.



  1. Quitting mtb to focus on cross?!?!! It's freggen July!!!!!

  2. I thought about not racing in July...for about a day.

  3. Cross is just another way for roadies to pretend they have MTB skills!!! I'm wanting more rocks not less!!! No MTB quitting for me, I'm gonna race MTB all the way up into November. My southern friends in Arkansas like to go deep into the season. ;) Good luck In "Bama I will be at SAC

  4. Rock it Bro! Yeah, Cross is fun! But, I am with G Mapes this the MTB deep into the Fall. That is some of the best time of the year to ride a MTB anyway! GO!

    JP Shores