Thursday, July 7, 2011

SPIN! Pizza Ride

So I made it up to my first Spin!Pizza road ride last night with Tdonn. It always ends up being a great ride with good people at a good pace. If by good, you mean fast. I like it fast.

So we met at Trav's place and rode to Spin!Pizza at 4950 Main in KCMO. The ride meets at 6:00, with the Advance group (Us) going off at 6:15, and the more relaxed group going off at 6:30.

There are also rides on Monday at the Spin!Pizza in Overland Park, and Saturdays in Lee's Summit. You can find all the info here. Any place that has cassettes on their hanging lights is approved in my book. Add to that the awesome salads, flowing beer, and even gluten free pizza crust, and you have the makings for a joint you're sure to enjoy.

Anyways, back to the ride. Riding over, I felt really good. The Mavic R-sys wheels were doing what they do best, climbing like champs. Legs felt fresh, and I was ready for some hammer fun time.

The ride over to the stomping grounds with our deep group of Advanced riders was good, and we managed to keep everyone together, even through all the stop lights. That's not easy to do, considering there are a freaking ton of them. Somewhere in the ride over, the constant stop and go started to get to me, and I started feeling a little off.

Luckily we arrived to the gates of Cliff Drive, and even though it's closed, we started on our slightly revised route that turned out to be really fun, with some good climbing mixed in to make it interesting.

We keep together fairly well for the first lap, and then Tdonn called out lap 2. Apparently this was the first week in which two laps was done, because I noticed a few riders were surprised.

So I figured I'd attack and make it even more interesting. I felt really good, but unfortunetly I wasn't really 100% on the turns we took the first time around, so I'd have to stop my attack and look back to make sure the group was behind. I did this 3 or 4 times, and eventually made the right turn, and then got caught by the group as we made our way down to the circle turn.

Keep up, put in a dig on the hill but my core kept blowing up and in the end I managed to lose the lead group of 3. It's always a challenge balancing hard core workout days and hard riding days. I do find that it really challenges the legs though, because your core is already spent, so the sticks are left to do the majority of the work. I was spent, and had a blast getting some good work into the legs.

All in all a great ride with a good group of riders. I'll be back next week, but I'll probably hold the back of the pack down, because Nationals will be just a few short days later and we'll be flying out the next morning.

After that, I foresee alot of Spin!Pizza throwdowns in the future.

Hope you can join us.


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