Friday, July 1, 2011


Man, it feels good to clock out... It's 3:30, on Friday and I just finished up my last call for the day. Now nothing but thoughts of sweet trail, my even sweeter Epic, and hanging and eating with good friends cross my mind. With Monday off, it's bound to be a great three day riding block. Today's an off day, with a quick nap, some dinner, and then off to Hazel Hill for some fishing to cap off the day.

Apparently I have teamates who have decided racing road is fun... Not sure why. We're a mountain bike team, but I guess not eveyone thinks like I do. I wanted to race a race in Iowa but no one wanted to go with. Oh well... My two main go to guys are out. One with a broken ankle (Steve) and one with work commitments (Trav). I need to find a few more friends who are always game like these guys.

Next weekend I'll be traveling solo to Huntsville, AL for a SERC race. I don't really blame anyone for not wanting to go on this one. It's a long way for a XC race that wouldn't matter for most. But I'm trying to get that upgrade, and it's a qualifier. Drive down Saturday, race Sunday, and head straight back.

So back to the roadie scene... It's the Tour of Lawrence this weekend. I do hope that at least everyone escapes safe and sound. Apparently there was a really bad wreck last weekend at one of the St. Louis races. I hope Randy pulls it out... I don't know him, but I feel for him and his family.

Anyone catch the newest editions to the 29er movement? One is the Transition Bandit and the other is the Kona Satori. Big trave1 29ers... 130mm full sussy's. I wouldn't mind swinging a leg over one of these and railing Swope. Any where else and you don't really need the extra travel.

Big wheels, big travel.

Also, did you happen to see that the World Marathon Mtb Championships was won on a 29er last weekend? And 2nd was the Epic 29er. Pretty solid results for the big wheels.

Ride Swope tommorow, then more trail Sunday and Monday. I've been really enjoying the shit out of Swope lately. I used to hate it... Rigid out there will do that to you. Then the Epic got a taste of it. Ever since then it's been on like donkey kong.

That's all for now... I'm going to go to sleep.

Hope you all get out to enjoy a ride this weekend, and have a safe 4th!


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  1. damn I would have totally been down for an iowa trip. Need a good 6 hour race and asap. too bad i'm in BFE, but at least the berryman loop is only 20 min away :)

    and road racing sucks.