Friday, July 29, 2011


Seems like the main topic of the bloggesphere lately has been the heat. It's been a whole bunch of whining going on I tell ya. I've always been one to accept the fact that there are things you can change, and things you can't change. The weather falls into the unchangable. So deal... Just think, if you train in this weather, you'll be light years ahead of everyone else this fall. Not only does training in the heat and humidity play well for when things cool off, but you also get the added benefit that most don't even ride in this weather. So while they waste precious dry trail time, you're putting money in the bank.

This is money in the bank. Three times this week my legs have looked like this. Two 35 mile gravel rides, and a nice 28 mile ride through the woods last night. Add in some good core workouts a few times this week, and a nice 45 minute minute early morning road ride and I've already got in the same hours I normally put in for a whole week. And it's not even the weekend!

Some things on the web front. KNC has stolen my idea. Not really, but I figured it was only a matter of time till someone came up with a way to incorporate the Shimano Di2 electronic shifting into a mountain bike. They did... and it's expensive.

Marzocchi has come out with a new Corsa 29er fork. It looks pretty sweet, but I still think I'm going with the Sid. Never have liked the look of those nickle plated sanctions that Marzocchi has, and red just isn't my favorite color.

BikeRadar did a pretty good article on the best bike upgrades that yeild the biggest gains for your mountain bike. Not expensive upgrades, but the best, cheapest upgrades. Basically the bar, stem, and tires. I'd agree, those three components can change the way your bike acts and handles greatly, and new, lighter tires can give you that extra 1mph you looking for. Above that, bar no expense cap, wheels are it. But you're looking at dropping 500-1000 bucks for a good wheelset that you can actually notice.

And the douche of the week goes to Floyd Landis! Check this video out. Yup, the beer drinking, rubber burning, exhuast fume inhaling crowd of Nascar will be pleased to find out this ex-doper will be joining the ranks of the Nascar drivers. WHOOO WEE! What a joke...

I'm headed down to CoMo tonight to get a little riding done at Rockbridge. I looked at the race loop they have posted for next weekends Show Me State Games, and it looks to be the same loop they always do. Which brings up the question, why do they include the praire loop? Makes no sense... Not only is it extremely boring, but it's wide open, and always hot as hell.

Then it's a Saturday in Jeff, with some froggin! Oh ya buddy, bringing out my hillbilly roots. It's been years, but I jonsin for some frog legs in the skillet.

Then off to the Lake for hopefully some water fun, and some Honey Run action!

One of the few weekends that doesn't include racing.

I'm going to enjoy it!

So should you...


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