Friday, August 26, 2011

Bocce Ball, Prison Brews, and other News

I was fortunate enough to have another cherry popped last night. No not that cherry. My bocce ball cherry. I've never played, but have heard plenty of stories of the grand game from my Pops over the years. He's been playing it at Prison Brews in Jeff, and it just so happens the fall session just started last night. Conviently I had to be in Jeff anywho, so when he asked if I'd be his partner, I said sure. A harmless game of bocce ball couldn't hurt right?

Well long story short, we killed it. And it would have been a harmless night... But then again harmless nights suck. So interject a few drinks, and the night ended up being slightly more than harmless. Not by much, but a little. Deb treated me to one of their sampler packs. That sounded nice. Then they brought it out. Geezzus. The 7 house brews came out nicely postitioned in a wooden holder, each glass being roughly 8 ounces big. I happily destroyed every one of them, and then continued tasting more of my favorites throughout the night. The best was the Reformatory Rye Stout. Chocolatey goodness. And it'll get you drunk! I must say, if your in Jeff City anytime, stop by. You won't be disappointed.

I am properly carbo loaded for this weekends festivities.

News... Hmm...

GT is rolling out the stops for 012. The new Zaskar 100, the Sensor 120, and a trick titanium Xizang. The Zaskar looks pretty cool, although its a bit of a porker. The Sensor would be fun to bomb down hills with, but that Xizang is where it's at. It's simple, beautiful, and reminds me of the good old days on my first real mountain bike, the GT Outpost.

Niner is changing up things a bit for the new year.

Surly also has some big tire sweetness going down. I kind of miss my old KM. That steel tank was always a blast on the dirt.

I'm tired of typing... And I have work to do. Damn work.

Let it go down at TALL OAKS!


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