Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tale of Two Rides

I like road riding sometimes... But I love dirt riding. It's where the real shannagans of crazy train fun times go down. I've never had any road ride end up as fun as most mountain bike rides do. So much more adventure can be had in the woods.

Never the less, I did have a little excitement last night at the Spin Ride. Travis decided to drop the back of the pack early, so I ended up trying to make sure everyone stayed together in the back till we hit the loop. About halfway into the loop I tried to turn around and catch the fast boys, and in the mist of laying down the wood, I did this...
That's going straight up on the wall. I was suprised the chain was undamaged, having completly broke through the chainring.

DW and I finished off the ride, and then I followed his vehicle straight over to Burnsey's where the real fun of the night would be had.

Photo evidence was had...
DW, Burnsey, The Manimal, and JJeffries.

The OGs. That's orginal gansta's... Or more like slightly less than middle aged men with weird lights strapped to their heads, playing around in the woods way past bed time. Oh, plus me, the kid.

Fun is never in low supply around these dudes. So to that, I welcome the weekly Pirate Ride into my schedule. Sure I get home at 12:30 AM, and I drag ass the next day, but it's way too rad to miss.

That and soon as Spin Rides are done, we can get to the madness earlier! Oh, and of course there's that whole time change.

Get ready... Not long till 5pm dark rides. Ughhh....

But it's great out now! Go getcha some.


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