Friday, August 5, 2011

Rainy Friday

Man, I'm going to be pissed if this rain cancels our race this weekend. We go over a month without rain and then get dumped on just days leading up to the Show Me State Games. Not to worried, it was crazy dry last weekend, and I'm sure any bit of rain will actually help.

What's been happening on the 29er front this week?

Rolf Prima came out with their first mountain bike wheelset, bot in a 26 and 29er version. I have to say, it's pretty lame. Nothing great on the weight front, and a pretty heafty $850 bucks. They remind me of the Ellsworth wheels, but they don't have the width that the Ellsworth's had. 24 spoke just like Ellsworth, and about the same price and weigh. Even worse is their product launch video. Check it all out here...

Raleigh has a new carbon 29er coming out, just like everyone else this year. It's called the Talus and it looks pretty sweet. Not as sweet as that carbon cross bike though...

Jamis is adding to their carbon 29er lineup with a new Dakar. It looks cool, but nothing stands out really.

Tubulars are the new thing in mountain bike wheels now days. Take these bad boys. 1100 grams for a 29er wheelset? Yes sir, and how I just found out about them I have no idea. I sooo need to win the lottery. With new tubular tires coming out every year, I forsee more and more racers going the way of glue on's in the future. Your hardcore racers at least. I'm sure I'll be rolling something like those in a few years. After I rob a bank.

Pops invited me out to a nice boys night out. Something like two gig sticks, three ponds, and two burlap gunny sacks. Oh ya, more froggin baby! Oh to be a hillbilly. You all have no idea...

Then some pre-riding at Rockbridge tommorow, and then race on Sunday!

Come get your race on...


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