Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Rain

Will lead to Saturday tackyness that will lead to some Spoke Pony awesomeness! Now if we can keep those rocks dry.

Rest week has went well. Alot of sleep, not much riding, and just a little core work to keep everything fresh for this weekend. SpinPizza ride went well Wednesday. Good size group, and it felt good opening the legs up a bit.

I have to put a 36 tooth front ring on the Epic tonight, along with the new XT ten speed cassette I purchased for my Flow wheelset. I got tired of switching the XX cassette everytime I wanted to switch from my race wheelset to the training set. The XT is almost a quarter pound heavier, but that's why they're called training wheels. I went with a 36 tooth ring over my current 34 due to the fact that I was in my lower gears too much, and none of the races moving forward have any major climbing that warrent the 34. Still loving the 1x10. Simple, light, and effecient.

Of course tommorow is Spoke Pony, and then Sunday is the Midwest Single Speed Championships. It's going to be a tough weekend. I have high expectations for both races, and I'm still not sure which one I want to expend more energy at. Spoke Pony is going to be hard regardless, due to the length of 3 hours. No way am I doing 6... BT needs to be finished in a little over 4 hours, so 6 hours would be overkill. 3 hours at 12mph is the goal. BT will need to be 4 hours at 12.5-13 mph average. Ya, killing it...

Some happenings on the 29er front this week...

Trek is coming out with a 140mm 29er full squish. Apparently they put in in the catalogue this year, only to find out they won't be able to produce it in time, so looks like it's a 2013 model. Not really sure why they went with this certain design. Not only is the main triangle tight, but they have a dropper seatpost leaving only the downtube for any bottle mounts. They should know that most people would like some bottle mounts on this all day type of steed.

G-Ted had a pretty sweet blog about the state of 29ers in 2012 and beyond. Pretty spot on.

Europe is rolling out all sorts of new 29ers for 2012. While we don't see a whole lot of them around here, it goes to show that 29ers will see the biggest boom in the coming years. I mean those crazy Europeans are even adopting them, so the platform is obviously not going anywhere but up.

Who's got some cordless hair dyers we can take out to Swope tonight? I forsee the dirt being in amazing shape, and hopefully we can get enough dry time to dry the rocks. The last few races at Swope have been brutal. Wet rocks suck, and Swope has no shortage of them...

It'll be all good though, so get those chicken legs ready. The pain train will be blowing through in full force tommorow!


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