Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It's the best part of a rest week. I get a lot of it, no matter what the week but on a rest week I get an extra dose of it. I think sleep is the number one overlooked recovery tool. I like to get at least 10 hours a day, and on recovery days 12 is great. Usually this means getting home and taking a 2-3 hour nap, waking up for 3-4, and then falling back asleep for the night. I can do that now that I'm single. It's very nice.

For most people though, that's out of the question. For those like you, I suggest learning the power of the power nap. 30 minutes will still do wonders for you. Find a quiet place, and learn to relax and dose off for a short period. I'm not very good about the short nap. I always tend to sleep at least and hour or more. As we loose daylight, I'll have to mix it up in order to still get rides in.

But for now, nap time is a plenty, and I never have a problem taking advantage of it.

See you all Saturday! Spoke Poney!!!!


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