Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Photos

Well last weekend went about nothing like planned... But that's the way it goes sometimes. It was a wild, crazy, and downright rough weekend that's still lingering even today. I remember why I don't party much. Two nights of late night fun, and I sure as hell don't feel normal still.

Friday I did manage to get in a solid 50 miler on the road. Went over to the new Missouri River bike bridge. Pretty sweet.
The bridge isn't tilted, but I took this pic riding and kinda liked the almost optical illusion.
The end of the trail that drops you down on the other side.
A nice view from mid-river.

Friday night was a late night with Pops and lil bro as we gigged even more frogs. We have quite a good mess by now, and you could have sworn these frogs were on roids. Some of the legs were chicken drumstick size. I meant to take a picture of some, but never got around to it.
I took a nice easy hour ride around Binder lake Saturday to flush out the system, and get a little blood flowing through the body. I had my fair share of BL's on Friday night, and wasn't feeling the freshest.

Saturday night was well... interesting. Probably leave it at that.

I'd do it again in a heartbeat though. I missed that chick.

Time to get ready for Tall Oaks this weekend. Trav and I will be duoing it up. From the sounds of it, Ethos will be in full force, with quite a few duo teams mashing it up.

Now where's my water...


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